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Santa Diver

Samstag den 21. März 2009; Beginn 20.00 Uhr
Gasthaus Schabhüttl in A-7571 Rudersdorf / Hauptstraße
Eintritt: 13,- | Jugendliche: 4,- | Mitglieder 10,-


Luca Kézdy - violin and effects
Dávid Szesztay - bass guitar
András Halmos - drums
András Szonyi - keyboards

Santa Diver
These three young, energetic, and creative musicians face together the great freedom that comes with familiarity with an array of styles; and they don't flinch, they work wonders." From: Fidelio Súgó, Budapest

"Now a quartet with the addition of András Szonyi, Santa Diver (a name derived from a Japanese, scuba-version of Kris Kringle) is one of the most promising music acts in Budapest: its technoid musical approach and beat combined with melodies inspired by different folk musics and jazz create what is not just beautiful music, but something very apt for the turn of the century."

The band is influenced by the minimalism of techno, the trans experience and perpetual energy of Moroccan gnawa, and the freedom of jazz, as well as the beauty and sensitivity of music unafraid to take flights of fancy. They have been performing since October of 2006 at places like: Hungary's Mediawave and Ultrahang festivals, the Ost-klub in Vienna, as well as the A38 and the French Institute in Budapest have all given them audience, often inviting soloists like Laurent Blondieu, Erik Truffaz, Lorinc Barabás, János Vázsonyi and Péter Bede.