Jazzquartett Ost/West

Samstag, 27. April 2002   20:00 Uhr
Gasthaus Schabhüttl / Rudersdorf

/ Musiker: \

 Sigi Finkel  sax     http://www.sigifinkel.com
 Gabriel Jonas  piano
 Matus Jakabcic  guitar
 Richard Filz  drums & percusions     http://www.filz.at

/ Sigi Finkel \

Im Februar war Sigi mit African Heart zum 2. Mal in Senegal.
Im April Tournee mit Tim Richards Soundscape in D, GB, F, CD - Festivalkonzert beim Eurojazzfestival Rabat/Marokko im Oktober.
Im September/Oktober wurde die neue CD "African Echoes" mit African Heart veröffentlicht. Tournee in D, A, Griechenland & Türkei.
Im November Tournee mit DOOP TROOP, u.a. Salzburger Jazzherbst und Ingolstädter Jazztage.Wahl zum Österreichischen Jazzmusiker des Jahres 2000

Mit African Heart veröffentlicht Finkel die CD "Heart Beat". Die Gruppe spielt im Lauf des Jahres ca. 50 Konzerte im deutschsprachigen Raum.
Gründung von DOOP TROOP feat: Joseph Bowie und Kelvyn Bell / Erste Tour der Band im November

nahm er mit Tim Richards eine Duo-CD "Dervish Dances" auf.
Dezember : Sigi Finkels Komposition "Satoon" wird von den "Österreichischen Kammersymphonikern" mit großem Erfolg uraufgeführt.

war Sigi Finkel live mit Tourneen in England, den USA, Deutschland und Österreich präsent. Als Gast konnte man ihn auf Festivals wie den Ingolsstädter Jazztagen, dem Kemptener Jazzfrühling, dem Musikfest Waidhofen, dem Music Festival Bath, dem Jazzfest Wien und dem London Jazzfestival sehen und hören. Auch ein Gastspiel in der Knitting Factory in New York stand auf dem Programm.
Beginn der Zusammenarbeit mit dem englischen Pianisten Tim Richards. Seitdem regelmäßige Konzerttätigkeit in England.

spielte Finkel mit John Abercrombie und Enrico Rava sowie Wolfgang Reisinger und Ed Schuller in der Formation "S.F.'s Special Station" die CD "Sweet Sue"ein.


/ Gabriel Jonas \

The pianist Gabriel Jonᚠ(1948) is a top Slovak jazz musician, his work represents a guaranteed quality. Former graduate >from the Bratislava Conservatory (accordion and guitar) he was accepted for a study at the jazz school in Graz (Austria) in 1969, later he acquired a scholarship of the Berklee School of Music in Boston - but, due to various reasons he did not start any of the studies. The best school for him proved to be the New York clubs, where he spent much time during his beginings. His public debut was in 1975 at the jazz festival in Kromeriz; the next year he was heard with Jiří Stivín, one of the most prominent European musicians. His partners in keyboard conclave were top Pianists Emil Viklický and Karel Rúzicka.

He performed at the Bratislava Music Festival as a soloist, but also in duet with Emil Viklický. Then he began to form and lead his own ensembles (1977). In 1978 he released his first LP record Impressions, which presents his unique gift of an instrumentalist as well as of a composer.

Jonáš's jazz stage appearances alternate with many pauses. He often performed abroad, utilizing his multiinstrumental capabilities. However, he carefully chooses his fellow musicians; better to sacrifice a multitude of presentations than to risk and render innerly unconvincing achievement with the artists who do not convene euch other. He played with a number of Slovak, Czech but also foreign musicians. Today he works in duets with the guitarist Matúš Jakabčic and double-bassist Robert Balzar, saxophonist Dušan Húščava, with singer Jana Kociánová or with mouth organ player Erich Procházka.

In 1990 he recorded a solo record Gentle Rain (featuring jazz standards), on which he plays three pianos (helped by playback). Prague publishing house Arta issued a CD Far and Yet Near (1991); he plays there in duets and in trio with Matúš Jakabčic and Robert Balzar. The concert with Gabriel Jonᚠand Matúš Jakabčic Live realised in 1993 in the Clarissean Church in Bratislava. He devotes to spirituals and gospel songs with the singer Jana Kociánovó. In 1993 he prepared an interesting project with Jiří Stivín; it is captured on the CD The Zodioc II. The genre of the album music is variable, G. Jonᚠplays the harpsichord, too, J.Stivin utilizes various kinds of flutes. In 1992-93 Jonᚠcooperated with Italian clarinetist Gabrielle Mirabassi and toured Italy (together with double-bassist Stefano Traglini) and played also in Bratislava (with R.Balzar). Jonᚠarranged evergreens of the thirties and the forties for the Nevergreens, the Juraj Bartos's album and participated in its recording. The tunes were arraged for solo trumpet, jazz ensemble and symphonic orchestra. Gabriel Jonᚠperformed in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, in former U.S.S.R., Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, U.S.A., Finland, Sweden, Norway, Danemark etc. Among his foreign companions let us mention A. Heath, J. Newman, H. Maybon, A. Zoller, S. Jones, B. Dorham etc. In 1991 he was awarded the prize of Ladislav Martonik as the Jazzman of the Year.

Jonᚠ's play is educated on the innovations of H. Hancock, Ch. Corea and K. Jarrett. Presently he is interested in the jazz roots, including African folklore, he returns to genuine sources of jazz in his pianistic art as well as generally. His introvertness joins with sense for original construction, pastiche ornamentation and forceful melodical feeling. His rhymical articulation is remarkable; the continual musical flow is interrupted by pauses, breaks and other deviations. Despite his virtuosity Jonᚑs attracts namely by his sense for assessment, compassion, inner experience.

An endeavour to describe in words Jonáš's music equals the trial in impossible; the ideas from the field of fine arts occur in one's head. This is not by chance, Jonᚠis a gifted painter, though not painting today.


/ Matus Jakabcic \

Matúš Jakabčic (1961), guitarist, composer, arranger, entered the jazz life in the middle eighties, appearing at Gitariáda and Blues on the River Danube, both Bratislava events. He graduated >from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Comenius University in Bratislava, later he began to study the guitar at the Bratislava Conservatory. He founded the fusion music band Stop Time in 1987, which performed at the Bratislava Jazz Days, at the International Jazz Festivol in Karlowy Vary, where it was awarded the first prize (1988). Stop Time played in the Netherlands and France (the supporting band of Michael Brecker in La Ciotat à Marseille). In 1990 the group recorded a profile record, presenting Jakabčic as a composer, too.

Matúš Jakabčic worked with larger orchestras (Big Band of Bratislava Conservatory, Big Band Radio Bratislava), also with bands Esprit, Dušan Húščava Quintet, in guitar Trio Jakabčic-Burian-Jaro, in duet with Gabriel Jonáš, a pianist of European reputation. In 1991 Gabriel Jonᚠprepared an album For and Yet Near; Jakabâc and Prague double-bassist Robert Balzar participated in the recording. In 1993 Jakabčic was awarded the Prize of Ladislav Martoník as the best jazzman of the year. He is an active member of the Council of Slovak Jazz Society.

Matúš Jakabčic devotes to composing, too; his musical Manon Lescout was written for Big Band of Bratislava Conservatory and premiered in Bratislava. He studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1994-1995. Jakabčic-music tends to introvertness, accenting the character of sound, the variable tone creation, inner pulsation of music. His style is close to that of guitarist Pat Metheny. He stresses melody and simple invention. All these attributes are to be seen in his compositions.


/ Richard Filz \

Geb. in Wr. Neustadt; nach der Matura Drum Set & Latin Percussion Studium an der Universität für Musik in Wien bei Prof. Fritz Ozmec und am Konservatorium der Stadt Wien bei Prof. Walter Grassmann; 1991 Diplom für Jazzschlagzeug mit Auszeichnung; weiters Unterricht am "Drummers Collective New York".

Musikalische Zusammenarbeit mit: Threeo, Rick Margitza, Bob Berg, Bob Mintzer, Kei Akagi, Erich Kleinschuster, Austrian Jazzorchester, David Hasselhoff, Viktor Gernot, RICH ART Ensemble, Sigi Finkel, Albert Kreuzer & Rubberfinger, Trio 57 Plus, Macheiner/Barnert/Filz, Walter Chmela, Swing Time Bigband ...

Mitwirkung bei 35 CD-Produktionen

Auftritte bei Jazzfestivals in: Jakarta, Warschau, Montreal, Wiesen, Leverkusen, Getxo, Königgrätz...

Komposition von zahlreichen Percussion Ensemble Werken; 1998 Publikation der Sammlung "Rhythm, Sound & Colour" für Percussion-Ensemble (Peer Musikverlag/Hamburg); Co - Autor der World Music Ensemblebände "Cuba" und "Ireland" (Universal Edition/2000)

Leiter und Initiator des Ensembles "Richard Filz´Geräuschkünstler" - Gewinner des österreichischen Musikschulförderpreises (1998), JEUNESSE "find it" Preisträger (2000).

Seit 1997 Lehrtätigkeit am Landeskonservatorium Eisenstadt; Leiter zahlreicher Percussion & Schlagzeugworkshops für NMW, ÖKS, AGMÖ...